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Union Counselling Program

Union Counselling Program

Have a problem? Not sure what to do? Consider talking to a CUPE 374 Union Counsellor.

Who are we?
We are union members, like yourself, who have been trained to act as a resource to provide peer support to our fellow members who are trying to cope with workplace, personal or family challenges.

What do we do?
We can help you to identify and deal with problems by providing peer support and connecting you to services in the community. We are here to listen, identify the problem, and refer members to the proper community resource. Dealings with members are kept strictly confidential and referrals to community resources are completely voluntary

We’re here for you.

More on the Union Counselling Program:

A fundamental goal of the labour movement is the health and well-being of its members and their families and, thereby, generates support for services in our communities. To advance this goal, the Canadian Labour Congress and the United Way partnered to create the Union Counselling program and to train union counsellors for the workplace. As CUPE 374 Union Counsellors we believe strongly in promoting the health and well-being of our members and their families.

Our volunteer union counsellors are available to all CUPE 374 members and their families for any personal issues or problems. The program offers peer support that helps members and their families access important social services in their own communities.

This program is meant to complement not replace, services such as the Employee and Family Assistance program. Work related issues remain the role of shop stewards.

Union counsellors will listen, help to identify the problem, refer the member to the appropriate resource if needed, and then, with the permission of the member, follow up to insure that the member was able to resolve their issues.

Confidentiality is crucial and is a priority of the program. Records are not kept and information about members is not shared with anyone. Members will not be contacted by anyone other than the union counsellor whom she or he contacted, and only with the member’s permission.

To access the services of this program call the CUPE 374 office at 250-383-2253. If no one is available please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. A meeting can be arranged either on the phone or in an agreed upon location.